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7 lies we have to stop telling about African-American female students

There is a myth that African-American girls generally fare better than African-American boys — that they somehow have it easier. This creates a potentially damaging narrative that may ultimately prevent society from truly empowering these young women.

Here are seven myths that we need to stop repeating when it comes to African-American women and the achievement gap.

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No more lies

I wonder if ppl realize Michelle Obama refuses to pledge her allegiance to this country. Like she could be a terrorist. We could have a terrorist in the white house. && Barack is too busy playing ball and looking at Beyonce’s booty to care. Hmmm.

Just got home from the ER.. all liquid diet for the next few days. Ugh!!! I’ll deff be reblogging my calories for the next week =’(


[MINZY & BOM HQ SCANS] 140418 2NE1 on Nylon Korea (May 2014) 

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I’m around for alllllll of this..

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Anonymous asked: what turns you on?


Phone at 100%, full tank of gas, warm clothes out of the dryer, the fridge after grocery shopping, naps. The usual.